Argentina removes prescription barrier for morning-after capsule access

Argentina has just lately announced that ladies will no longer want a prescription to access emergency contraception, in a transfer aimed toward eradicating a significant obstacle for these seeking to stop unintended pregnancies. Feminist groups have applauded this determination as a constructive step ahead in the predominantly Catholic nation, whereas opponents argue that it highlights the failure of being pregnant prevention initiatives.
The government’s decision to make the morning-after tablet extra available is anticipated to help counteract the challenges some people face in accessing health services, contraception supplies, and training. Valeria Isla, director of sexual and reproductive well being on the well being ministry, informed Reuters news agency that this alteration eliminates a major barrier to access, enabling folks to have this technique of contraception as support earlier than an emergency arises.
Vanessa Gagliardi, leader of the feminist group Juntas y a la Izquierda, mentioned the move would contribute to “de-stigmatising” the morning-after capsule in a rustic the place official information reveals that seven out of ten adolescent pregnancies are unplanned. However, Argentine pro-life group DerguiXlaVida expressed concern, accusing the federal government of “essentially orienting itself towards promoting abortive measures” and acknowledging the “failure of being pregnant prevention [and] intercourse education”.
Concealed is indicative of the continued progress on reproductive rights in Argentina, one of many largest and most influential international locations in Latin America, where the Catholic Church nonetheless holds considerable sway. In 2020, Argentina legalised abortions as a lot as the 14th week of pregnancy, a call that was opposed by the Church, which had urged senators to reject the invoice. Prior to this, terminations were solely permitted in cases of rape or when the mother’s health was in peril..

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