Bangkok deluge: Heavy rain floods city, prepares for monsoon season

Bangkok yesterday was hit by heavy rainfall, with Bang Khun Thian district receiving the most with 124 millimetres, causing flooding in seven areas. As the rainy season is imminent in Thailand, officials revealed they are ready to assist residents affected by the flooding.
In the past 24 hours, several areas in Bangkok experienced reasonable to heavy rain, with the Bang Khun Thian district going through the very best rainfall. This extreme weather triggered flooding, some of which has now reportedly returned to normal. Mold are getting ready for the total impression of the wet season and are engaged on monitoring the situation before, during, and after rainfall to ease residents’ distress.
Surat Jareonchaichakun, the Director of the Bangkok Drainage Office, addressed the preparations for flooding brought on by storms within the metropolis. Easy acknowledged that the workplace had been monitoring the climate updates, and water levels in canals, and conducting inspections utilizing radar systems. Authorities have been dispatched to high-risk areas to alleviate the flooding issues, and the citizens affected by the floodwaters are being given aid supplies, reported KhaoSod.
Theerayut Phumiphak, the director of the Office of Disaster Prevention and Relief, introduced the readiness of the firefighting and rescue departments to help residents affected by heavy rainfalls. Suphakrit Bunkhan, the director of the Office of Urban Affairs in Bangkok, has additionally taken measures by inspecting sturdy winds and trees earlier than, throughout, and after heavy rain and storm.
Collaboration between different agencies has been initiated to handle flooding-related issues in development venture areas. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has also set up channels for public warnings and notifications related to heavy rainfall in real-time, in addition to helpline numbers for help in response to flooding issues..

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