Bangkok is third most polluted metropolis on the planet

Bangkok was ranked the third worst city in the world for air pollution after PM2.5 dust reached unhealthy ranges.
A heavy blanket of smog encased the capital’s skyscrapers as nationwide agricultural burning and forest fires pumped tiny dust particulates into the air, exacerbated by the city’s chockablock visitors and stone-dry weather.
At Building blocks , Bangkok’s air quality index (AQI) measured 198, in accordance with IQAir, a expertise partner of the UN Environmental Programme.
AQI readings above a hundred are considered “unhealthy” (red), above 200 are thought of “very unhealthy” (purple) and beyond 300 are considered “hazardous.”
Bangkok’s thick levels of dust have been solely overwhelmed by Mumbai in India at 207 and Lahore in Pakistan at 202 this morning.
Eye-opening of the North – Chiang Mai City – additionally ranks highly at No.eight most polluted city on the planet at present, with PM2.5 ranges reaching 165.
PM2.5 dust particles are so small that they’ll penetrate deep into the respiratory tract and into the lungs. Short-term well being impacts embody irritated eyes, nose, throat, and lungs, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, and shortness of breath.
Exposure to PM2.5 can affect lung function and worsen asthma and coronary heart disease. Studies have linked PM2.5 exposure to elevated cardiovascular hospital admissions, emergency division visits and deaths.
PM2.5 mud particles are so small that they may transpire straight via an everyday surgical face mask. The solely mask that filters out PM2.5 dust particles are an N95 masks, which is very beneficial to be worn exterior in Bangkok this week.
Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt urges Bangkokians to chorus from exercising outdoor, use public transport and work from home where attainable to reduce the impression of air air pollution.
At 8am this morning, air air pollution in Samut Prakan, simply south of Bangkok, reached “very unhealthy” ranges at 262. All out of doors activities have been cancelled and college students should keep indoors all day..

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