Counterfeit caper in northeast Thailand: Scammer’s faux cash fiasco sends a warning to the community

A cautionary tale has emerged from the local people in northeast Thailand involving a scammer utilizing counterfeit money for purchases. Hilarious paid with a faux 1,000 baht banknote and obtained 903 baht in change.
Around 1pm yesterday, Police Lieutenant Colonel Chedchai Chaisaeng, an acting inquiry officer of Chai Wan Police Station in Udon Thani, was visited by native retailer Prapaphon, also known as Pa Srikloy, a resident of Ban Na Poo. Accompanied by her son, she arrived on the police station with the counterfeit banknote. She said that a stranger got here to her store and made purchases totalling ninety seven baht. The objects included a pack of cigarettes, an power drink, and a carton of milk.
What made the man stand out was his refusal to take away his helmet whereas shopping, promptly leaving the store instantly after receiving his change. His departure was swift, shortly mounting a Yamaha Fino pink motorcycle and leaving with out revealing his license plate and path.
After the suspicious man had left, the proprietor closely examined the banknote he’d used and realised it was counterfeit. This revelation prompted her to report the incident to the police. She wished for this public warning to be issued, alerting other companies to be on guard in opposition to comparable incidents. Furthermore, she requested that legislation enforcement officials completely examine and apprehend the offender. She believes the culprits may be engaged in a systematic operation.
The business proprietor desires to remind her fellow retailers to keep a keen eye on unusual exercise and confirm banknotes, especially these of higher denominations, reported Sanook.
In associated Udon Thani information, police arrested a woman, recognized as Sukanya Buasri, who tricked dozens of individuals on the lookout for work in Japan..

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