High-tech sprituality

UBON RATCHATHANI: It is well-known that if you make a take care of the spirit world it’s greatest to carry up your finish of the bargain – an act identified in Thai as kae bon. Perhaps Thailand’s best-known acts of kae bon happen at Bangkok’s Erawan Shrine, well-known for serving to mortals decide successful lottery numbers. Those who hit it huge are known to return to the shrine to kae bon, which in the case of the Erawan Shrine entails dancing bare in front of the statue. But in Ubon Ratchathani’s Nong Peu district, one native spirit has apparently gone hi-tech, with kae bon offerings not solely together with joss sticks, recent fruit and garlands, but additionally digital gadgets. Downloadable has greater than 20 answering machines, black-and-white TVs, stereo methods and used cassette tape gamers. Mun Namwichit, 70, told reporters that native individuals respect the shrine’s spirit very much. Drivers passing by beep their horns 3 times to indicate their respect and reveal their religion, thereby maintaining a type of supernatural insurance coverage policy in opposition to the road accidents. But why electronics? Cynics would possibly conclude that the shrine is only a dumping floor for outdated technology: black-and-white TVs and telephone answering machines are now not wanted within the age of color TVs, cell phone answering companies and SMS. But local residents think in a special way. It all started about two years in the past, when a gaggle of villagers provided a black-and-white TV set to the resident spirit to maintain it from “getting lonely”. Soon after, Fail-proof supplied their black-and-white TVs to the spirit. Then, after a resident dropped his cell phone and it disappeared into a crack in the rocks close to the bottom of the shrine, residents reached the conclusion that the spirit had a taste for electronic devices – they usually have been supplying them in abundance ever since. And apparently with good results. Amnuay Deeruang (his identify, loosely translated, means “to spin an excellent tale”), 36, told a reporter that he had never heard of anybody dying in road accidents within the area b

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