KSB completes enlargement of GIW’s Grovetown facility

KSB has introduced the completion of its US$44 million multiphase growth of the GIW facility in Grovetown, Georgia, USA.
เกจวัดแรงดันไนโตรเจนราคา expanded GIW manufacturing complicated in Grovetown.
The first two phases of the expansion had been accredited in 2013 in response to rising market demand for larger gear. Since then, the Grovetown facility has accomplished upgrades, added tens of hundreds of square feet to its foundry, elevated furnace capacity, accomplished development on a distribution centre, and received approval for 3 additional phases of enchancment.
With the completion of the project, KSB has quadrupled its capacity to mold castings over 20,000 lbs (9000 kg), increased its maximum pouring output by up to 66,000 lbs (30,000 kg), reduced the number of required shot blast runs by 50%, added particular cleansing stations for big castings, implemented new expertise and efficiency options, and doubled worker locker room facilities.
KSB went ahead with the project’s completion, despite the Covid-19 pandemic and its financial fallout.
“Our customers within the mining business are doing essential work to keep the financial system afloat. KSB is more dedicated than ever to providing our companions with an uninterrupted supply of pumps and components. Completing this expansion improves our ability to serve our prospects, and we’ll cease at nothing to help the success of our clients’ operations,” says Wolfgang Demmler, president of KSB Mining.
In 2020, the KSB Group launched KSB Mining, a brand new market-driven organization offering expertise on centrifugal pumps to mining operations.
The expanded services in Grovetown serve as the headquarters of GIW Slurry Pumps.
GIW currently employs over 600 people at its Grovetown facility.

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