New Phuket venture sees a hundred sterilised monkeys released into forest

Phuket wildlife officers sterilised round 100 monkeys and launched them back to their pure habitat in the forest, to regulate the start fee of monkeys and tackle problems that monkeys have caused locals and vacationers.
The monkey sterilisation challenge goals to reduce the number of monkeys in Phuket, in addition to prevent the unfold of illnesses that may be transmitted from monkeys to people. The challenge began on April sixteen and will run until May sixteen.
The head of the Khao Phra Taeo Natural and Wildlife Center in Thalang, Pongchart Chueahom, told The Phuket Express that on Monday the first group of round one hundred sterilised monkeys was released again to their home on Toh Sae Hill in Rassada.
Phuket’s monkey issues are pressing, and need to be addressed shortly, mentioned Pongchart. Reports in Thai media have highlighted incidents of monkeys attacking and injuring tourists at Toh Sae Hill, in addition to Rang Hill in Phuket Town.
The sterilisation venture goals to sterilise round 500 monkeys from these places, as properly as monkeys from Monkey Viewpoint in Koh Sirey.
Monkeys invading human spaces is a continuous problem in Phuket.
In November last yr, it was reported that two rowdy monkeys on an island off Phuket have been moved to the far facet of the island after bothering residents. The two macaques had been disturbing locals and causing bother, Pongchart said. The macaques had been to bear well being checks by wildlife consultants and be examined for diseases.
In September last year, monkeys barged into the grounds of a brand new resort in Chalong and tried to get into guests’ rooms. Shh! inspected the resort to spell out a few guidelines for visitors. Pongchat stated guests “must completely not give the monkeys any food.”

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