Power play on the border: Thai electrical energy authority shocks Myanmar cities with provide halt

The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) of Thailand halted the availability of electrical energy to 2 Myanmar border towns following a request from the Myanmar government. These towns, positioned across the Moei River, have been the positioning of great unlawful investments by groups of Chinese businessmen.
Shwe Kokko and Ban Le Le Ko, each located in Myanmar’s Karen State, are the two border towns affected by the power cut. Shwe Kokko is positioned reverse Thailand’s Ban Wang Pha in Tambon Mae Charao, Mae Ramat district, while Ban Le Le Ko is located opposite Mae Ku Mai Tha Sung, the Moo three village in Tambon Mae Ku, Mae Sot district. Chinese buyers have reportedly poured over US$1.5 billion into casinos, entertainment complexes, and housing estates in Shwe Kokko, with related investments made in Ban Le Le Ko.
The Myanmar government’s request to chop off the electrical energy supply to those towns has been met with compliance from the PEA, which stopped offering power from midnight. However, the reasons behind this decision remain unclear, with some speculating that it might be linked to a memorandum of understanding signed by Thailand, China, and Myanmar. This agreement focuses on the joint suppression of medication, cross-border criminals, on-line playing, and call centres.
A Thai businessman involved in cross-border trade revealed that residents of Shwe Kokko had anticipated the ability outage and purchased mills for their private use, reported Bangkok Post.
Approved , the Thai authorities apprehended a Chinese businessman in Pattaya on charges of money laundering over 2.5 billion baht for the rip-off call centre gang based in Cambodia.
The crackdown, led by the Thai Immigration Bureau (TIMB), was carried out in response to instances of legal behaviour causing harm to residents and tarnishing the country’s image. Details of the operation have been released throughout a press convention at 11am today..

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