Son of rape victim rebukes police for cancelling American suspect’s crime reenactment

Following the cancellation of the standard re-enactment of his crimes, the son of the Thai masseuse who was raped in Khon Kaen, allegedly by 37 year old American Robert Gordon sufferer criticised the double commonplace of how police handled Gordon as a foreigner. The son and different relations of the 45 year previous masseuse that Gordon allegedly brutally beat and raped arrived in Khon Kaen at present to support the sufferer, but in addition to watch the re-enactment and confront the suspect.
The household travelled from Lopburi province whereas 37 year previous Gordon, whose passport says he was born in Colorado within the United States, was expected to be transferred by police to Khon Kaen tomorrow. The man’s wife and his lawyer have additionally arrived in Khon Kaen from their home in Amnat Charoen province.
Gordon requested police cancel the crime reenactment, a regular procedure in Thai felony investigations, saying that he feared for his security, and the police obliged.
The victim’s son stated that any Thai suspect would have been forced to participate in the reenactment and that the American suspect was getting preferential remedy. He had been anticipating confronting his mom’s attacker and asking the man why he would do such a factor.
“I am waiting to ask him why he did this to my mum. A foreigner who commits a crime in Thailand should not be given any special treatment.”

With the cancellation of the reenactment, investigators on the Muang Police Station in Khon Kaen say they’ll additional interrogate Gordon and are requesting that the provincial court docket extend his time in detention while the investigation is ongoing.
ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์บ้าน was arrested by police on Soi Nana in Bangkok yesterday having fled there from Amnat Charoen on Wednesday after allegedly committing the brutal rape and beating at Dee Na therapeutic massage parlour Monday morning and after allegedly sexually assaulting a thirteen yr previous lady close to her family’s roadside stall in Khon Kaen. He claims that his use of the drug pace prompted him to go on his crime spree..

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