Sri Lanka police fire tear gasoline at pupil protest demanding activist launch

Sri Lankan authorities have deployed tear gasoline and water cannons against tons of of students protesting in the capital, demanding the release of individuals arrested throughout anti-government demonstrations last year. The protesters argue that the continued imprisonment of numerous college students and activists constitutes political persecution.
In 2021, Sri Lanka experienced widespread, months-long protests triggered by the nation’s most extreme financial disaster to date. These mass demonstrations in the South Asian island nation, with a population of 22 million, in the end led to the resignation and momentary departure of then-President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.
Al Jazeera correspondent Minelle Fernandez, reporting from the outskirts of Colombo, described the scene as authorities fired “volleys of tear gasoline canisters and water cannons” on the students. She commented that the government’s response was “going method over the top” in an effort to suppress the protests.
Members only have stated that this sort of repression by the government is not going to cease them and silence them,” Fernandez reported. “They are saying the government’s campaign is to repress people and silence their voices, to cease the university motion which was involved in the anti-government motion we saw final yr and led to a change within the authorities.”
During her reside broadcast, both Fernandez and the Al Jazeera cameraperson were struck by a water cannon..

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