Thai man fatally electrocuted attempting to steal electrical cable in Khon Kaen

The dead physique of a Thai man was discovered wedged in a small crevice beneath a business constructing on Lang Mueang Road in the Isaan province of Khon Kaen on Monday. According to reviews, the person was trying to steal the electrical cable and was fatally electrocuted during the act.
Residents dwelling close to a commercial building notified Mueang Khon Kaen Police Station on Monday, April 3 after they discovered the corpse. Locals knowledgeable the police that they had been bothered by a rotten scent for per week. They eventually traced the odour to the gap and were shocked by the invention of a dead body.
The owner of a fruit juice shop situated near the building, Kantanart Wattanasaranon, said…
“Locals and the building’s jurist were searching the hole under the constructing to trace the bad smell as a end result of several animals had died there before. They stumbled upon a leg protruding from a narrow hole underneath the building. Don’t miss out searched inside to make certain that it was a corpse and then reported it to the police.”
According to locals, the person died from an electric shock, as he was discovered clutching an electrical wire in his hand. They speculated that he was doubtless a thief who had tried to steal electric cable from the building.
Police officers and the rescue team rushed to research the scene. They found a lifeless Thai man but couldn’t identify him as a outcome of the physique had began to decompose. The staff estimated that he had been dead for more than 5 days.
Officers attempted to retrieve the physique from the slender hole but their efforts had been in useless because the bloated corpse was wedged tightly inside. They concluded that some parts of the building would must be dismantled to extract the physique and this may require approval from the building owner.
The situation finally came to a resolution yesterday afternoon when the officers efficiently retrieved the body from the gap. The superintendent of Mueang Khon Kean Police Station, Preecha Kengsarikij, reported that the police officers agreed with the locals that the man was a thief. There have been no traces of preventing or homicide.
The corpse has been sent for an post-mortem to identify the sufferer..

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