Tiger pelts gone to the canines

NAKHON RATCHASIMA: More than 200 tiger skins seized close to Khao Yai National Park just lately weren’t quite what they first seemed: examination revealed that the majority truly got here from canines and cows and had been painted with stripes.
The 204 animal pelts have been seized from a temple in Pak Chong District by officers from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) on February 12.
The officers had been acting on a tip-off from locals who noticed a suspicious variety of animal pelts being dried in Wat Simalai Songdhamma.
Initially the skins appeared to have come from tigers and different massive cat species. There was also one crocodile skin. After being examined by experts, nonetheless, it was discovered that only the crocodile pores and skin, one leopard pores and skin and five skins from other cat species were real.
Shocking remaining skins were made by painting canine and cattle skins with stripes.
The monks at the temple claimed all the skins belonged to the temple abbot. The abbot was planning to tattoo the skins with spiritual writing and sell them as holy charms, his disloyal monks told the authorities.
DNP Director Jatuphon Burusaphat stated it was unlikely that the abbot was working alone. His accomplices are actually sought by native authorities.
“I want to warn individuals who like to buy non secular objects created from animal remains that this isn’t simply illegal; they can also be conned. For instance in this case they weren’t tiger skins, but dog and cow skins – when you worship them they received’t deliver success. They are a reason for animal cruelty as nicely,” Mr Jatuphon said..

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