WIKA Innovation Center: workplaces for the future

The new WIKA Innovation Center for WIKA in Klingenberg is in operation. It brings together everyone involved in the innovation process. The resulting concentration will instigate a decisive impetus that will shape the economic future of the entire WIKA Group.
The concept of short distances
The new WIKA Innovation Center has been well received by the colleagues who work there.
The development departments and the associated laboratories are united in the new building as neighbours. This proximity reflects the concept of short distances, which is the basis of the new building. Its aim is to bring future products and solutions to market maturity without delay and to implement customer suggestions just as quickly. The significance of these functions for the future of the WIKA Group is also expressed in the decision to expand the development departments by recruiting an extra 50 staff.
Open work environments support the concept of short distances. There are therefore no self-contained offices, even for management staff. As well Privacy , there are areas for gatherings and meetings distributed across these open-plan premises. A pleasant working atmosphere is ensured by a climate control system that is as effective as it is sustainable.
Seething in the new WIKA Innovation Center with height-adjustable desk
Market square as a communication space
The new building in Klingenberg also includes an administrative section. Exciting houses reception, sales and a multi-functional training centre. The market square is the connecting point between this building and the actual WIKA Innovation Center (photo above). It acts as a communications area for all employees, including the “Breakfast Café”. Furthermore, the market square functions as a venue for events.
An initial survey of colleagues in the new building has confirmed this – they like the concept of short distances, the spatial design and the technical facilities.
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