A lesson in physics

CHON Simple : What happens when an irresistible drive meets an immovable object? If a current accident on the Sukhumvit Highway is anything to go by, the irresistible force loses. In this case the irresistible drive was 20-year-old Anand Umpi, a member of the “Viron Kilo 10” gang that frequently experience their motorcycles wildly on the freeway late at evening, terrorizing the general public, destroying property and creating a public nuisance. The gang regularly manages to foil police makes an attempt to chase them down. The immovable object was a big truck. Its driver advised police that he had just pulled out onto the highway from a facet highway when he seen in his rearview mirror the headlights of a quantity of speeding bikes bearing down on him. Moments later one of many bikes crashed into the again of the truck. The truck driver pulled over to check the injury to his car, which was minor. After that he turned his attention to the bike: it was completely demolished and its rider was lying dead not far-off. Immovable Object 1

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