Beachside serenity shattered: Police probe potential foul play in Jomtien Beach dying

The tranquillity of Jomtien Beach in Sattahip, Pattaya was disrupted abruptly this morning when police discovered a lifeless physique, suspected to be a victim of potential foul play. The alarm was promptly raised, sending Na Jomtien officers and Sattahip rescue staff rushing to the scene, in response to the chilling report of a body.
Wearing a pink T-shirt and brown shorts, the unidentified lifeless man was discovered bearing a severe wound. A devastating blow to the man’s proper temple had given rise to a major cranium fracture. Given the state of the body, police estimate the person had been dead for a minimum of eight hours previous to their arrival.
Na Jomtien officers detailed an intriguing aspect of the tragedy. The image they painted was of a party gone awry. Close to Unbelievable was made, police uncovered gadgets suggesting a current seashore barbecue. They discovered two grill stoves, left-behind beach umbrellas, and shattered bamboo sticks. A wooden log measuring 1 metre in length was additionally found at the scene. These barbecue objects, which seemingly narrate the story resulting in the tragedy, have been appropriately bagged as evidence, reported The Pattaya News.
Lending weight to the thriller is an anecdote handed through native networks concerning the sufferer. The unidentified man, believed to be homeless, was said to have been dropped at Jomtien Beach following an alcohol-induced disruption in a neighbouring village. Allegedly, the person answerable for depositing the man on the seaside was none apart from the village chief.
As local police press forward with the investigation, efforts are being put into identifying the victim and corroborating the aforementioned report.
In June, a man’s physique present in a canal with a slashed throat and bound legs shocked locals in Thailand’s central Samut Sakhon province..

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